This is just an overview of my web site. However my best known texts was translated and they offer a complete sight of my works.


Travels in Bolgobol,

a philosophical novel under the form of a travel diary. (An abstract only is in English.)


Of Wake and foam

is a treaty I first wrote in French, but I prefer, and I am not alone, the English version. I was impregnated with the language of Bacon (not Francis but Roger) (and also by John Locke). Old English has longer than French been influenced by Latin.


Tales from the Southeast.

I wrote many "tales" like this in French, and I dismissed them in many revues.


English Songs

are just two poems I wrote in English. I was very attentive to their sonorities, and I used the speech manager of my Macintosh to accord them.


Ken Knabb, the Situationist International, and the American Counterculture

On Bureau of Public Secrets


What could be a free art?

(On ZaZie's Zone) or

What might be a free art?

An essay on the situation of the contemporary art, and specially literature. There are two translations of this text. I think the second is better.


About anarchism, marxism, surrealism and some other "isms"...

(Translated by Pierre Petiot)


Hic Rhodus hic saltus

(Translated by Pierre Petiot)


What is a text?

I wrote this essay alternatively in French and in English, because it is difficult to have a good understanding of lingua rerum by means of a single language.

Only some pages in English are online: the former page, the first chapter and Actual functioning of thought

A full French version is available.