About my Travels in Bolgobol

A philosophical novel under the form of a travel diary

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What is a utopia? Thomas More's island of Utopia is a country without any relationship with the rest of the world. It is the same with Campanella's City of the Sun. A utopia has no contact, geographical nor historical, with any other land.

Then, Marmat is the contrary of a utopia. It is at the center of the world, the center of history, and precisely at the center of Asia. More, the travels through Marmat, in Bolgobol, in the Republic of Gourpa, prove that all national histories are actual utopias, local legends, and that the world was always global.

I achieved the edition of my fourth travel on July the 7 2007, and I upgraded the second the day after. It is not very easy now to read the four books online, or to print them at home. However, I do not plan to print them; they are essentially digital books, and I fear they would be denatured otherwise.

In fact, it is not a problem, they can be opened randomly, as many readers already did, after an internet search. When needed, some internal links open previous passages. The best is then to travel inside my travels, and outside also, when external links propose it.

Opening a book in a window is not the same as on sheets. A window supposes an outside, and it helps the imagination to imagine the lonely wide, actual and virtual world, rather than to get enclosed in an imagined one, fantastic or realistic.

Yes, my books can be read in any order, emancipated from the one I gave them however, and that the dates recall. Among any possible, the chronological order is the less arbitrary, the more consistent and the best navigable. This is precisely for what written signs are made for: navigating the temporal flux of the thought.




Is Manzi the author of a new philosophy of grammar?

Is Sufism the Arab form of Greek Sophism?

Why the increasing performances of computers do not involve progress of the programming?

How did Pope Leon Ith manage to stop the hordes of Attila?

Was Jâbir Ibn Hayyan, the Latin Geber, a disciple of Ja'far Al Sâdiq, the sixth Imam of Shiism?

Is the universalization of the market restoring feudalism?

Why the inhabitants of Bolgobol let grow grasses in the cracks of the pavements and the walls?

Was Karl Marx the first theorist of programs and systems?

How separation between vertebrate and invertebrate did appear?

Why is Mount Iblis called that way?

How a finished number of signs can generate an infinite succession of numbers?

Does God exist?

Perhaps you will discover it




What is the relationship between the persan poet, mathematician and astronomer Omar Khayyâm and Boby Lapointe?

How the multiplication of causal determinations, rather than necessity, produces potentiality?

Would alchemy be a literary genre?

Why did Leonard Cohen sing that "Jesus was a sailor"?

Which mysterious work went and did Ziddhâ and the author, last year, in Oumrouat Valley?

Why is Jesus traditionally associated with the science of chemistry?

Was the world always global?

How a finished system of signs can intervene on an infinite world, which it does not contain but contains it?

Is the possible part of real?

Perhaps you will discover it




From where does the Enlightenment come?

Why no trace of work nor of workers in a city gives an impression of theatrical unreality?

How did the monk Gandyya receive the illumination?

Why did the Gallo-Romans make their mercenary Clovis their king?

From where do the right ideas come?

How can one be a Persian?

Why do the Spaniards think they are Goths?

What is the law of Snell?

Do we know the world through sense-data or through the products of the mind?

Why does modern science privilege abduction on deduction and induction?

Can God count?

Perhaps you will discover it




Why a new reform of human understanding is necessary?

How to distinguish the sense-data from those of the conscience?

Why do cats like to watch men handling signs?

Where goes the time that passes?

Why man and woman inspire sometimes each other the feeling of the sin?

Can we kill the darkness?

Is the author a provençal Cathar?

What is the contents of socialism?

Perhaps you will discover it




Jean-Pierre Depetris

July 2007