Where I live

Some shots nearby my home

Jean-Pierre Depetris

I made all these photographs near my home. Nothing would be special here, if I was not living in the center of Marseille. It is amazing that they seem so wild.

But, myself, I never saw such images of my city. More, I have never seen that were so wild the locations where I live.

Curiously, these very realistic images show something of my mind, a mind-scape, surrealist in the way it is more real than real. It is curious that it was so easy to catch it: just shooting what I had in front of my eyes, nothing else.

Roucas Blanc

Roucas Blanc

Roucas Blanc

Bois Sacré

pointe rouge

La Pointe Rouge, les Goudes


Vallon de l'Oriol

Vallon de l'Oriol

© Decembre 2007, Jean-Pierre Depetris

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